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UGC Approved Journals In 2024

UGC Approved Journals is the term used to describe journals that have been recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India. With Doctorate Writing, your troubles with publication will be greatly reduced. We’re all about providing a user-friendly experience when it comes to UGC Approved Journals. Whether you need to publish your paper in free or paid UGC journals lists in 2024, we can help you with low publication charges. Keep up-to-date with us for the latest notifications on UGC approved journals with low fees. Our detailed listings cover everything from multidisciplinary to rapid-publication journals, all are approved by UGC. Our team deliver top-notch publication services, including guidance on checking UGC approval and publishing your research paper.

UGC Care Listed Journals

The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India recognized the academic journals on the UGC CARE (Consortium for Academic and Research Ethics) list for keeping the highest standards of publication ethics and research standards. The UGC CARE list is divided into two groups:

  • Group I: Journals that are found qualified through UGC-CARE procedures.

  • Group II: Journals listed in internationally known databases such as Web of Science and Scopus.

  • The purpose of this UGC care list journals is to promote quality research, unity, and publication ethics in academics. The list is updated periodically to include new journals and remove those that no longer meet publication standards. To be published in a UGC CARE journal is a mark of credibility and ensures that their work is part of the respected scientific discourse globally.

    Successful Steps for Fast Publishing Annexure 1 Journals

    • UGC journals are recognized for their academic unity and thorough peer-review process.
    • UGC-approved journals adhere to high publication standards, ensuring the quality of your research.
    • Your work gains a wider readership globally, including scholars and practitioners, increasing its impact.
    • Publishing in these journals can significantly boost your academic profile and reputation.
    • Many funding bodies require publications in UGC-approved journals for grant eligibility.
    • They promote ethical publication practices and academic integrity.
    • It helps in avoiding predatory or substandard journals that can tarnish your academic image.
    • High-quality publications in reputed journals contribute to achieving higher global rankings for institutions.

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    Get your research paper published in a UGC-approved journal today!

    ugc approved journals

    Get your research paper published in a UGC approved journal today!

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    Updated UGC Approved Journals Lists in 2024

    Subject Total UGC Approved Journals Since 2021
    Science 422
    Social Science 347
    Arts & Humanities 383
    Multidisciplinary 56
    Indian Languages 248

    How To make sure if a journal is UGC approved?

    • Visit the UGC website
    • Click on the "Journals" tab
    • Select "UGC Approved Journals"
    • Explore the journal list by subject, title, or ISSN number.
    • If the journal you are interested is in the list, then it is UGC approved

    Lists of Ugc Care Journals in 2024

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) of India maintains a list of journals that have been approved. These journals are believed to be of high quality and are included in the most important databases, like Scopus and Web of Science. Publishing in a UGC-approved journal can assist in enhancing the visibility of your research and increasing its impact.


    1What is UGC approved journals?

    The University Grants Commission (UGC) approves a list of reputable academic journals suitable for publishing research related to PhD programs in India.

    2Where can I find the list of UGC approved journals?

    The UGC publishes journal lists by subject area. You can find them on the UGC website under the "Journals" section.

    3How do I know if a specific journal is UGC approved?

    To know if a journal is UGC approved go to the UGC website and give the ISSN number of the journal to check the journal.

    4 How can I add my journals to the UGC-CARE List?

    You can submit your journals for consideration through the IQAC Cell of any affiliated college or university, following the UGC’s process.

    5Are all journals listed on UGC-CARE List peer-reviewed?

    Yes, journals included in the UGC-CARE List have undergone thorough peer review and meet the standards set by the UGC.

    Indian journals in UGC Care list

    • Agricultural Research Journal
    • Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing
    • Indian Journal of Animal Nutrition
    • Indian Journal of Extension Education
    • Indian Journal of Gerontology
    • Journal of Applied Geochemistry
    • Journal of Immunology and Immunopathology
    • Manthan: Journal of Commerce and Management
    • Mudra: Journal of Finance and Accounting
    • Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences
    • Parikalpana: KIIT Journal of Management
    • The Journal of Indian Botanical Society
    • Journal of Foundational Research
    • Journal of Indian School of Political Economy

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